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  • Medellín, Colombia

Caño Cristales

  • Duración 4-5 days
  • Ubicación Center Region, Colombia
  • Precio From $ 2.300.000 COP

Caño Cristales – The River of 5 Colors, located in the state of Meta to the south of Bogotá, shines in the brightest colors (yellow, blue, green, red and black). Due to that, some people even call it “the most beautiful river in the world”. You can enjoy this amazing natural spectacle during its season, starting in June and ending in November of each year.

We invite you to departure from Medellín to live this unforgettable experience and connect with nature.


Season: June – November, 2019


This program includes:

  • Direct flight: Medellín – Caño Cristales – Medellín
  • Accommodation: 3- 4 nights, depending on the schedule
  • Alimentation (breakfasts, lunches and dinners)
  • Aquatic transportation (canoe, river Guayabero)
  • Ground transportation (ecological hike or car)
  • Folkloric display (Parrando Llanero): Live musical group, dancers, cuenteros, dinner with “llanera” meat
  • Local tourist guide
  • Permission to enter
  • Medical assistance card


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